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Commercial Recycling Ordinance

In 1988, the Illinois General Assembly passed the Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act to reduce reliance on landfills for waste disposal and assign counties the responsibility for conserving landfill space. Plans must reach a recycling rate of at least 25% by 1996, which Peoria County achieved and has since increased to 37% in 2000.

Meeting the State's Recycling Goal
Details of the County's waste disposal patterns were surveyed and identified in the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan. As indicated in this plan, 54% of the refuse generated in Peoria County was from the commercial sector. As a result, the County passed a new law, the Commercial Recycling Ordinance (CRO).

What is the CRO?
The CRO is a county-wide ordinance that mandates all businesses to recycle two items from their waste stream. The Peoria County Board unanimously adopted the ordinance effective January 1, 1994. For more information, see the Recycling Ordinance brochure.